Located in the gourmet town of Grand Case where fine restaurants are stringed along the main road, there is also Tijon Parfumerie. While the restaurants apply to the palate, Tijon wants you to come with a fine nose to appreciate the handcrafted fragrances produced right here on the island.

The boutique is offering their complete like of fragrances of body and skin car, made with the finest ingredients and created by company founder John Berglund.

If you are searching for a classy and unique island souvenir of gift, stop by at the Tijon Parfumerie in Grand Case.

Another major attraction are the 'Fragrance Creation Experiences', where you can learn to mix your own perfume or cologne and take it home as a memory of your visit to St-Martin - St. Maarten.

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1 L'Esperance Road
Grand Case, St. Martin, FWI
Cell Phone: +590 690 22 74 70

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