For a small island, St. Martin/St. Maarten has an amazing amount of local print media. For those who can't do without their daily dose of printed news, the islands' supermarkets and stationers have a wide selection of US and European newspapers and magazines.

Pick up an issue of our very own ST-MAARTEN.COM Weekend Edition at over 80 distribution points around the island, including your hotel.

st maarten dot com weekend edition

The international edition of the Miami Herald is printed right here on the island!

The local newspapers The Daily Herald on the Dutch side reports local and international news and are certainly useful if you don't want to miss out on any local events. For the French side and only in French language, check out The St. Martin's Week which is also great for events listings. The Week comes out on Tuesdays and Fridays and always has an interesting array of nightlife photos. No one is safe from the Paparazzi on this island, so check to see if you've been snapped!

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Your hotel, local stores and tourist booths can all provide the latest editions of the islands' glossy magazines like Destination and Experience for comprehensive island info, but mostly focusing on shopping. Nature magazine, the islands' eco-tourism publication might lead you to unexpected discoveries and give you an appreciation for the island's natural environment.

Listen to the popular radio stations if you want to keep up with what's happening on the islands. ISLAND 92 is the official radion station of ST-MAARTEN.COM and offeres great entertainement and information for both island visitors and locals.

TV service on the Dutch side covers a good selection of American stations plus networks from the Caribbean, South America and Europe. On the French side, there is more focus on the major French language station, but US TV is available in most hotels.