Wifi networks are available on every corner of the island. Most restaurants and bars provide internet access for free, some have a password installed which they are happy to share with guests.

The island has several cellular phone carriers, namely TellCell and UTS (Chippie) on the Dutch side. Visitors can purchase SIM cards at many locations for as low as $10 (plus $10 for prepaid phone minutes). Incoming calls are free.

WomanonBeach1By bringing the prepaid balance up to $30, 4G data service can be activated, with a daily fee of $1.

The Internet Service Provider SCARLET offers a mobile internet access solution as weekly rentals. Download speeds are up to 2mb for this technology.

Recently, fiber optic cables are being installed underground in order to improve connectivity. Technically, the island could accommodate 100mb/sec for downloads, but at this time the regular consumer will not get more than 20mb/sec.