As a Destination Wedding paradise, Sint Maarten's unique dual nation status lends itself well to couples wanting to offer their guests a little European and a lot of Caribbean. Sint Maarten offers the perfect background, and the choices are abundant. Be it a cozy beach wedding or a sophisticated wedding at a villa, in a garden, on a cruise, mega yacht or at one of our many resorts. Let Sint Maarten Marry-Me help you plan that pefect wedding in paradise.

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Have you ever dreamed of a Caribbean Wedding? Why not make this dream a reality and exchange your vows on the white sandy beaches of Sint Maarten? St Maarten boasts of clear blue waters and over thirty-seven white sandy beaches each offering its own breath taking sunrise and sunset. This dual Island paradise offers everything from five star accommodations and gourmet restaurants, to a wide variety of shopping and activities for your guests. 

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