BrightPath is the one-stop solution for investors considering to participate in Sint Maarten's continued economic boom.

Vivian Chamas-TouzélogoHeader1The island has been the leading travel destination of the Lesser Antilles for several decades. With its extremely business friendly legal climate, St. Maarten is the economic engine of the Lesser Antilles. 

BrighPath is an organization offering consultancy and professional management services for those interested in starting a business in St. Maarten. BrightPath will provide you with all the resources and solutions required to start running commercial operations and ultimately living on the island. The process of 'setting up shop' in Sint Maarten can be started from the convenience of your home.

The team at BrightPath can facilitate all aspects of incorporating a new venture - from the creation of a limited liability corporation to the formation of bank accounts to dealing with immigration issues. With extensive experience in the Caribbean region, BrightPath will ensure that a new venture to the island will be on solid footing.

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With the assistance of BrightPath, a business will be up and running on the island in the minimum time possible!

To learn more about the affordable service packages BrightPath offers, explore their website.

Vivian Chamas-Touzé

La Terrasse Building, Ground Floor, Suites 39-40,
Maho Bay, St. Maarten.

Phone +1 721 545-6000
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Whatsapp: +1 721 526 2771
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Do you plan to visit St. Maarten soon? Please visit the official BrightPath website and arrange for an introductory meeting with Vivan Chamas-Touzé, founder of BrightPath.

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