For decades now, Cake House Bakery & Supermarket has served the residents of St. Maarten as a preferred source for groceries and baked goods. The company went through many phases since its humble beginnings, and the “The Cake House Story” is worth reading; the history of Cake House Bakery & Supermarket demonstrates why this island is special – different from most other places in the world.



The Cake House family – owners and employees – present on their web-site not only the commercial activities of the Group, but also the underlying philosophies and goals they wish to achieve.

There are two groups of visitors to St. Maarten who should take note of the Cake House Bakery & Supermarket: Yacht owners, who wish to re-provision and visitors in vacation apartments and villas. For these groups, the Cake House offers grocery shopping at better prices than the "resort" neighbourhoods such as Simpson Bay or Cupecoy. The additional 3 mile drive to the Cake House Bakery & Supermarket in St. Peters is well worth the savings of over 30% on your shopping!
The activisandra-winges of the Cake House Group range further: There is a mixed martial arts training centre, a hydroponic farm, a pastry shop for extraordinary custom cakes and finally the head  quarters of the St. Maarten chapter of the worldwide Tzu Chi Foundation.

We recommend that you research the Group's website and that you do some of your grocery shopping on their location in St. Peters. This is an opportunity to mingle with the island's regular folks in a residential neighborhood and it might enrich your visit to St. Maarten.