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Much has changed on the island of St. Maarten - St-Martin since the passing of Hurricane Irma on September 6th, 2017. This particular page hasn't been updated yet with new photos and information. Please understand that details of the information presented on this page are not reflecting the current status. 

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For a distinctly European flavor in nightlife, explore Marigot with its attractive sidewalk cafes and bars and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Unlike the Dutch side with its many casinos, the only stakes on the French side are deliciously cooked steaks, as Marigot does not offer gambling!

However, it certainly oozes a charm which is trés continental. An early evening walk through Marigot with its subtle lighting and ambient music emanating from its restaurants and bars is a truly European experience and provides a perfect setting for a romantic evening.

A favorite amongst visitors are certain nights on the Marigot port and Marina Royale which feature many local bands and 'avant garde' street entertainers. The Marina area is also a hotspot for several chic nightclubs so a night out in Marigot is a great reason to dress to impress! Traditionally, the French culture enjoys a long and leisurely evening meal, which means that many of the livelier bars and nightspots get going later in the evening. When they do, you can immerse yourself in a choice of sultry Latino music, rhythmic Reggae or the latest in European dance and Techno. There are many popular clubs scattered around the town, often hidden down little side streets so get some directions from a local!

Whether your preference is a romantic stroll along the waterfront or losing yourself in the hot Caribbean rhythms, Marigot will certainly seduce you with its French flavor in night entertainment. If you've never been to the Caribbean or France then here is a chance to enjoy both cultures in one evening. 'La Belle Vie' of this quaint little town will leave you with a truly lasting impression of French side St. Martin.

The village of Grand Case on the northern shore of the island has been called the culinary capital of the Caribbean - with good reason. Nowhere can you find this number of gourmet restaurants, in beautiful beachside settings, where famous international chefs are competing to deliver the perfect dining experience. Tuesdays are Harmony Nights, where the central road is closed to traffic and musicians and artists are taking center stage.