"Jewels by Love - A Family Tradition" You will find the most valuable timepieces, backed by generations of experience and passion for horology here.

With roots dating back to the 1800s, the present owners of the eponymous Jewels by Love stores are the 5th generation in an illustrious line of traditional jewelers and diamond mavens. With consistently uncompromising standards over decades, the family's reputation spread, as their name became the benchmark for Quality, Prestige, Integrity and Value.

Investing in priceless heirlooms is child's play... at Jewels by Love


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  • You don’t spend money, you invest it!
  • You don’t just buy a watch, a diamond or a piece of jewelry; you acquire an heirloom!
  • Over time, your heirloom becomes a highly valuable asset, not a heap of scrap metal!

And, if we may draw a conclusion from 6 generations of experience, it will be this: choose once but choose well - A Jewels by Love heirloom, because rarity, beauty and everlasting value are honored here.


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