Visitors are welcome? Yes. Investors are welcome? Yes. How about living on Sint Maarten? Double Yes! Nowhere in the Caribbean is it so easy for ex-patriates to blend in with the local community.


10. Great grocery stores with supplies from both the US and Europe; wide selection of gourmet items;

9. Great shopping at best prices for European designer fashion, jewelry of any kind, cosmetics

8. Attractive mountainous landscape - still plenty of open space

7. Best restaurants in the Caribbean with any imaginable kind of cuisine available for all budget;

6. Best nightlife with thirteen casinos and an active nightclub and bar scene

5. No red tape or any fees importing items: order online Monday and have it on island by Friday

4. Good air lift with hourly non-stop flights to the US and daily non-stop connections to Europe;

3. Wide variety of real estate available for buy and rent,  fitting most budgets

2. For some people the most comfortable climate on Earth: Never cold in winter and cooled down by the trade winds in Summer

1. Fantastic community: Very open minded society with over eighty nationalities living together in peace ; no problem for expatriates to integrate. An example to the rest of the world.