Maho Beach  has become one of the island's leading attractions: this is where the runway almost meets the beach, separated only by a narrow road and a flimsy fence.  The location is also a great place to watch the sunset, and home to St. Maarten's largest and most successful hotel complex, The Maho Reef Resort and its neighbor, The Royal Islander Hotel. The beach itself is framed by two beach bars: Sunset Bar & Grill and on the other end the Driftwood Boat Bar.


So, get out your camera! Nowhere else in the world will you get this close to a landing jumbo jet. You can lie on the beach, catch some rays, and photograph the underbelly of a 747 just a few yards above your head. What a rush!

If you're not quite that daring, you can watch the planes take off and land at The Sunset Beach Bar; they're located at the other end of horseshoe shaped Maho Beach.

The Sunset Bar and Grill is a great place to hang out, listen to some tunes, and slurp down a few frozen mudslides. Or go to the Driftwood Boat Bar, close to the Royal Islander Resort, where you could also rent chairs, order delicious cocktails and enjoy lunch or an early dinner with great pizza and other snacks.

Happy landing!

Cruiseship Visitors: How to get to the 'Airport Beach'?

Visit Sunset Bar & Grill and the 'Airport Beach' as part of a complete island tour. These tours are times so that you will be there at the right time to see the big jets land and take off. Book your tour today to secure a spot.

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