Our small island received a direct hit by the strongest Atlantic hurricane ever measured. The date of September 6th, 2017 will now be in the island's history books as a major event. But these books will also tell the story of an amazing recovery from disaster, of the resilience of the local population and how the island was able to welcome vacationers back only three short months after 200mph winds shook the ground with seismic strength.

To be very clear: Many of the attractions have not yet reopened as of this writing at the end of 2017. Many resorts are still rebuilding. 

But other hotels are fully operational and invite bookings. There is a good number of bars, restaurants and casinos ready, able and more than willing to welcome back visitors. The day charter boats are back in service for snorkeling trips and beach combing.

If you arrive by cruise ship, you will find the amazing shopping area of Philipsburg to be its regular bustling self, with beach bars open on Great Bay Beach and jewelers ready to offer unheard of bargains.

If you plan to stay for a complete vacation, consider the Simpson Bay area as the most intact and fun spot to be at for this winter season. The mega yachts have returned to the marinas, the restaurants and bars are busy and the super marketes are well stocked.


We Are Back! Recovery from Hurricane Irma

Best Areas on St. Maarten - St. Martin to Stay After Hurricane Irma

The community of Simpson Bay and the adjacent neighborhood of Pelican Key have resumed operations fastest after the recent hurricane. For the upcoming...

Cruise Ships Return to St. Maarten

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Hollywood Casino and Jump Up Casino Open

If playing at the casino is part of your entertainment routine, you'll be glad to hear that some of the casinos are reopening.

HURRICANE UPDATE: Life Returns to Simpson Bay

Simpson Bay is the first region to bring back some commercial activity. Many bars and restaurants have opened and the fun mix of great food and...

Mega Yachts Returning to St. Maarten

This is the year were the sight of a mega yacht passing through the narrow entrance to Simpson Bay Lagoon must be especially appreciated. Welcome back!...

Porto Cupecoy - Spared by Irma

A recent visit to the elegant Porto Cupecoy development with its luxury condominiums, gourmet restaurants and yacht harbor was very encouraging:...

Princess Juliana International Airport Reopened

A major achievement towards the quick recovery of St. Maarten - St-Martin's tourism industry is today's reopening of the Princess Juliana...

Shopping Returns to SXM

The first containers with fresh food and produce have arrived. The surviving super markets are again reasonably well stocked. The island's favorite...


Talented videographer Peter Sagnia is the creative mind behind a series of videos produced in collaboration with Jan Thoelke, publisher of...

SXM Not ‘Destroyed’

We need to get the language straight: there are far too many articles and YouTube videos showing the damage caused by Hurricane Irma, and published...

The First Month of Recovery from Hurricane Irma on the Island of St. Maarten - St-Martin

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Timeshare Owners - St. Maarten's Trusted Friends

Whenever the going gets tough in our corner of the Caribbean, it was the 'Owners' who stuck with the island of Sint Maarten, returned for their annual...

Disaster Relief Efforts

Damage Assessment - Hurricane Irma - Update September 19th, 2017

Because of Hurricane Maria passing to the South of us here in St. Maarten - St. Martin, our island is again under curfew and most relief work had to...

Disaster Relief Agencies Leave

Officials of the World Food Program - an aid organization run by the UN - are on island to assist the Dutch side with disaster relief...

Hurricane Irma - St. Maarten - St-Martin - Update September 11th, 2017

Airplanes continue evacuating visitors. US citizen are being airlifted with military planes.

Hurricane Irma - St. Maarten - St-Martin - Update September 15th, 2017

The Dutch side politial leader William Marlin ordered the borders to the French side of the island blocked.

Hurricane Irma - St. Maarten - St-Martin - Update September 18th, 2017

Finally... Internet again. I  don't know for how long. The border crisis is over and everybody can move freely betweeen...

Orient Beach After Hurricane Irma

This is the island's signature beach, but the storm removed all restaurants and beach bars.

Philipsburg after Hurricane Irma

Town has been hit hard and especially the Boardwalk is a mess. That said, damage on Front Street appears to be managable.

The Clean Up Continues - Update Sept. 21st.

The clean up efforts on the French side move with frenzied pace. Hundreds of young soldiers remove ton upon ton of trash.