Whenever the going gets tough in our corner of the Caribbean, it was the 'Owners' who stuck with the island of Sint Maarten, returned for their annual holidays and helped our one-tier economy to putter along.


You, owner of a timeshare at one of our many resorts, visit each year to spend your vacation time at your second home. Over the years you have made friends with owners staying at other resorts during the same weeks of the year. 

You've found your favorite restaurants and nightspots, established which beach you prefer and formed connections to the local jewelers, which guarantee you amazing deals.

How does the damage done by Hurricane Irma affect your stay?


Reality Check

If you plan to return to SXM during the winter 2017/18, you need to be aware that very few resorts are operational. Only the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa survived the wrath of Hurricane Irma with flying colors and had been able to provide full services at any time. Other resorts were not so lucky. They had to schedule massive reconstruction. The lucky ones still have rooms available while renovations are underway on the remaining inventory. Other resorts are closed from six months to three years - depending on damages.

The bad news is that the group of friends you always connected with might not be able to come for this season.

The good news is that your favorite play ground - Simpson Bay - is up and running. Most bars and restaurants will be open by December. There will be rough edges for sure - scars of a category 5+ hurricane can't be hidden within a few weeks or months. But rest assured that otherwise (vacation) life in Simpson Bay/Pelican Key will be similar to the years before.