We need to get the language straight: there are far too many articles and YouTube videos showing the damage caused by Hurricane Irma, and published with introductory headlines based on phrases like ‘...completely destroyed.’


This is not the reality on island. St. Maarten - St-Martin has not been destroyed. It has been badly damaged. The situation is terrible enough and doesn’t need to be hyped up further. Individual properties might have been destroyed, but the general infrastructure just took a massive hit, can be temporarily fixed and long-term improved.

Roads have been cleared within days, and utilities are coming back online step-by-step.

Philipsburg will be ready to receive visitors by the beginning of November. Simpson Bay has enough restaurants and bars open to welcome back vacationers any time soon.

It will take the French side attractions a bit longer to recover; the fantastic restaurants of Grand Case will be missed by gourmets, the fashionable beach bars of Orient Beach have made room to a much broader beach and not much else. And our beloved Loterie Farm needs again BJ’s amazing vision to recover with a somewhat altered concept.

But destroyed? No. Just a major rebooting of our lifes and our businesses.

This is why we at ST-MAARTEN.COM will continue to focus on the progress of rebuilding. Our videos will only show footage produced post Irma, our information to potential visitors will be straight forward: Not overstating the progress of recovery, but at least showing that the fun spirit of SXM is alive and the island is always worth a visit.


Upcoming installments of our video series:

  • Nightlife 
  • Businesses open on the French Side
  • The reopening of Front Street in Philipsburg
  • Beaches around the island