The first containers with fresh food and produce have arrived. The surviving super markets are again reasonably well stocked. The island's favorite discount super market - the French chain Super U - hasen't loaded up much on frozen food and dairy products, but in light of the fact that most consumers still don't have electricity at home this decision makes some sense.


The Market Garden in Simpson Bay and the Gourmet Marche in Cupecoy are fully stocked. Praise to the owners of all the stores that none of the super markets started to abuse the natural disaster to increase prices.

Dear Reader: please understand that the fact that the super markets are now fully open doesn't help the huge segment of the population which is completely out of money to buy food. Most companies have laid off their staff and the situation on island becomes critical.

The merchants of Front Street in Philipsburg, mostly offering luxury items such as jewelry, are waiting for the cruise ships to return. Word is that Front Street will reopen by the first of November.

Back Street is where the locals shop, for clothing, cosmetics, shoes, luggage... you name it. Here, most of the stores are open and the street is busy.

Marigot has been cleaned up very well and several of the smaller boutiques are open already. The 'Le West Indies' shopping mall appears to be pretty much intact and several shops are open.

Porto Cupecoy has boutiques and restaurants open.