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1260 header sxm spyderExplore St. Maarten on a Three-Wheel Bike! Rental Station Right Next to Cruise Ship Docks!

The CanAm Spyders are the most thrilling way to explore Sint Maarten - Saint Martin on your own. They are called the world's safest motorcycles. Anybody with a standard automobile driver's license is allowed to handle these amazing machines, which combine the power and excitement of a motorcycle with the ease of operation of car equipped with automatic transmission. And thanks to three wheels, the Spyders can't tip over.

You will overtake buses, packed with cruise ship passengers on an island tour, while you jump from one sightseeing spot to the next at your own pace. Rush up the island's hills, stop where you find breathtaking vistas and make your way to one of the amazing white Caribbean beaches, where you could stop for a gourmet lunch with your feet in the sand.

A detailed map will be provided. As there is only one route around the island, a full circumnavigation including stops can be accomplished within a few hours and without the danger of getting lost.

Before you depart on your adventure, you will be briefed on the operation of the vehicle and you can give it a spin away from traffic on the convenient parking lot next to SXM Spyder Rentals.

SXM Spyder Rental is ideally located within short walking distance of the cruise ship docks. Typical rental days start in the morning with return around 4 PM. If you stay in a hotel, vacation apartment of villa, contact us for 24 hour or longer rentals - with delivery to your location.

Visit the official website of SXM Spyder Rental here >>>

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